Terms & Conditions

Personalization Store works with a variety of partners in India and abroad to provide the vast range of items to you. Our policies on refunds, exchange and cancellations are dependent on and restricted by the policies of these partners.

1. PRODUCTS: All products shipped carrytheir original manufacturer's warranty as applicable. If you feel theproduct is defective or incomplete please contact us immediately andwe will work out a solution to your satisfaction. Products can bereturned within 30 days in case of defects or functional problems.You will need to send these back to us to get credit for the amountpaid. Returns are not processed for any products that are tamperedwith, in used condition, or with damaged packaging etc. Personalizeditems are not covered under Returns nor credits unless there istransit damage or other defects.

2. All personalized goods are made only on order and only for youand with your pictures / theme / name/ slogan / logo / tagline etc.They are not saleable to any other person and once made, we have nocommercial value for the same. Any discrepancy or mistake crept intoyour order on our account shall be made good free of cost. Incase, the material is not repairable or rectifiable, we shall giveyou a new product free of cost. However, you shall have to return theold material to our store at your cost.

3. Shippingcharges for returns incurred by customers are returned as storecredit up to a maximum value of Rs.200

4.In all cases of personalized items, No exchange facility is availableand Order once placed cannot be cancelled. Incase, of any discrepancy and /Or a situation arises at your end andthere is a request for cancellation of the order. The following shallbe applicable: If the goods have not been shipped /made, we shallissue a credit note for a fixed period and you can redeem the samefor any other goods.

5. Refunds/Creditnotes are always made to the person who made the purchase, and iforiginally purchased by credit or debit card, the refund will becredited by check or to the original card / account.

6. Shippingcharges for returns incurred by customers are returned as storecredit up to a maximum value of Rs.200.